Hi! My name is Renato. I’m a photographer graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, in Belgium, and I’m a fashion enthusiast. This is my blog, it is called Exquisite Style. Exquisite means, according to Google: extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate. Some synonyms: lovely, elegant, fine, superb, excellent, ornate, well-crafted, well-made, perfect, delicate, fragile, subtle.

Maybe it’s too much for a single word. Hopefully, I’ll let the portraits speak for themselves. Thank you for dropping by!

P.S.: I made this blog while on a trip to Paris. My intention was to stay longer in France, but I couldn’t. That’s why it was “short lived”.

Concerning the “exquisite” style, I feel that I wanted more bolder colors and prints. Some of the clothes I was collecting while in the city can give a hint of what “exquisite” means to me.